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Our Residential Process

Residential Customers often have questions about how things will progress once they’ve called for an estimate or quote. The process for residential work generally looks like this…


Step 1

An electrician is sent out to quote or estimate the work to be done (unless the customer prefers a “time & materials” approach; then work is started and hours and material costs are reported).


Step 2

The quote or estimate is done and forwarded to the customer as soon as possible.


Step 3

If WIREd gets the ‘go ahead’ from the customer and an acceptance contract is signed, then the work is scheduled.


Step 4

Work begins and the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) permit is arranged by WIREd. The cost of the permit is billed to the customer on the final invoice.


Step 5

If the work requires it, the power may be disconnected for part of a day by the Hydro provider in your area. (It is then reconnected later that day, after the inspection is complete.)


Step 6

Upon completion of the work, an electrical inspection is done by the Electrical Safety Authority. (There may be interim inspections required by ESA depending on the scope of the work being done and the length of time that it takes.)


Step 7

Once the ESA certificate of inspection is received (typically 1 day after the inspection), it is mailed out with the invoice, to the costumer.

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